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ENA Electronics Inc.

Reverse Engineering

We support the unsupported.

ENA Electronics extends the life of your critical manufacturing equipment. Our engineering services protect your expensive equipment and declining or obsolete OEM support. Our team of experienced and innovative engineers can extend the life and value of your legacy systems. ENA can develop product enhancements, with value added features; while adding new capabilities to your existing systems.

engineering circuit board old, framework, and new pcb board
three modern wind turbines

Renewable Energy

As a leader in the wind and solar energy industry, ENA offers electronic component repair for Siemens, GE and Vestas wind turbines. We have extensive experience with critical and non-critical electronic components that are crucial to a wind and solar farms operations. Our experience in this industry along with our engineering services allows us to offer comprehensive technical support and electronic repair capabilities that are unmatched in this industry. 

Repair Services

ENA Electronics provides industrial electronic repair down to the board and component levels of complete units and systems. Certified electronic engineers and technicians diagnose, repair, and test each electronic item that comes through the doors of our laboratory. Our experienced servo motor laboratory can test and restore all makes and models of servo motors, which we run through our extensive test process.

assortment of devices

Innovative Repairs and Engineering Solutions

ENA Electronics Laboratories 20th Anniversary 2001-2021