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Annual ENA Electronics Ornament Competition

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Those of you who follow our social media accounts on Instagram & Facebook know that every year some of our electronics technicians are involved in an ornament competition. All contestants final product ends up on our office lobby tree for all our customers to see. The wide selection of industries we service can be found here.

While we are reverse engineering and electronic repair experts, somethings we like to have a litte fun to combat the cold weather in Hamilton ( Ontario- Canada) this time of year and get us in the holiday spirit.   

A big thank you to our staff who participated. The rules were as follows:

Ornament Competition Rules

  • Max size 100x100mm
  • Entries will be judged out of ten on technical complexity and design appeal by judges
  • 5VDC power 500mA is the maximum power budget and will be provided by a wall wart power adapter
  • The unit must have 2 5.5×2.5mm barrel connectors on it for daisy chaining. Center pin is positive.
  • Ornament must have a hanging whole (to hang on tree)
  • The ornament must have at least 1 flashing/fading LED or LCD screen.
  • Ornament must have the ENA logo on the silk or copper layer visible
  • -if you are not using the screen the entire design must have no microcontroller

Judging took place on our holiday lunch on December 11th, at our head office. See our submissions below? Who do you think the winner was?! Head over to our Instagram to find out.

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