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Canada’s Reverse Engineering Experts

ENA Electronics has been in business for over 20 years. Located in Hamilton, Ontario we are Canada’s Reverse Engineering experts. Explore our website to find out all about our reverse engineering capabilities at Some questions you might be asking? We are here to answer your burning questions. 

Why Reverse Engineer? Why Use Our PCB Reverse Engineering Service?

Our Reverse Engineering Services are designed + developed in accordance with what you want and need. fThese services are widely appreciated by our clients for their timely execution and genuine prices.

  • All manufactured cards + boards are plug-and-play!
  • Manufactured items are frequently smaller + more efficient — saving you space, time, + costs.
  • All reverse engineering projects use only modern + current components making any future repairs they may need easier and cost effective.
  • Manufactured units extend the life of your existing machines.
  • Most units are upgradeable — we can add functionality, outputs, sensors, or change programs slightly to broaden your processing capability and to improve operations, maintenance and support issues on older circuit boards.
  • All manufactured units come with the same one year or 15 month warranty as our electronic and servo repairs!
  • Obsolete products that are used in critical applications where the artwork no longer exists or the schematic diagrams are unavailable. ENA generates the net list from the physical PCB and then makes a Schematic Drawing and PCB Layout.
  • Products that need to be Re-designed for RoHS/ WEEE compliance.
  • Migration from through hole parts to SMD (Surface Mount Device) parts.
  • Migration to emerging technologies while retaining the core features and logic of existing systems.
  • Determine Patent infringement claims.
  • Determine if competition has copied a product.
  • Discover product strengths, weaknesses and limitations.
  • To understand competitor’s products and develop alternatives.
  • Manufacturer of a product no longer exists or produces a product.
  • Manufacturer of a product no longer supports/services a product.
  • Documentation of the original design is lost or inadequate.
  • To update obsolete components with current technology.
  • Reveal inner-workings of products.
  • Determine product interoperability.
  • Create better designs.
  • Benchmark analysis.

So Many Reasons to Reverse Engineer, What Are You Waiting For?!


  1. Paul Labelle

    I am looking to replace a PCB from a Mordaunt Short subwoofer, Mezzo-9, that was contaminated by excess humidity. I could sent it for the purpose.

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