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Category: Renewable Energy

Siemens S120 Test Stand

November already? Another month, another test stand to debut. This time we have the Siemens S120 Test Rig which is part of the active yaw system from the Siemens 2.3 MW wind turbine. Although there are many versions of the Siemens 2.3MW wind turbine there are two versions of yaw

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Happy September everyone! Happy to showcase our GE ESS TEST STAND this month! The GE ESS wind turbine is one the common wind turbines in North America. It is a completely vertically integrated with GE down tower, GE Nacelle controls and GE pitch system. At ENA Electronics we lovingly call

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Happy August – ABB ACS800 Test Stand

Happy August Did you know we have an ABB ACS800 Test Stand? Our ABB ACS800 liquid cooled and air cooled test rig allows us to fully test and fully load ABB ACS800 air cooled and liquid cooled modules. After initial evaluation and testing, all results are documented and logged, followed

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