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Happy September everyone!

Happy to showcase our GE ESS TEST STAND this month!

The GE ESS wind turbine is one the common wind turbines in North America. It is a completely vertically integrated with GE down tower, GE Nacelle controls and GE pitch system. At ENA Electronics we lovingly call this the “alphabet soup” of wind turbine cards. We name it alphabet soup because every card has a different name, which are acronyms. All cards start with wind energy or alternative energy. For example, the WEPA Card (Wind Energy Pitch Assembly) is found in the pitch system of the GE ESS wind turbine. Whereas the AEBI (Alternative Energy Bridge Interface) is found in the down tower.

In the top box, we have the WETA WETB WETC which are the Wind Energy Top Box A, Wind energy top box B, Wind Energy Top Box C. All of these cards joined together to create the electrically simplified system, or ESS Wind Turbine.

Running with a Mark VI Controller the turbine is able to communicate the toolbox and debug all information about faults and problems in the wind turbine. In comparison to other wind turbines, the GE ESS wind turbine is one of the most elegant and easiest to troubleshoot wind turbines out there. This is due to the way that its able to be debugged by the toolbox program and the Mark VI Controller

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