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Hamilton’s Finest- Mohawk College & ENA

Written by the Mohawk Team:

ENA Electronics Laboratories (ENA) collaborated with Mohawk College’s Energy & Power Innovation Centre (EPIC) to support the design and development of a short-circuit finder brush. This electronic brush is a key tool to simplify the detection of electrical conductivity between two points in printed circuit boards (PCBs). ENA’s core services are PCB reverse engineering (RE) and repair; an electronic brush would help the company expedite the RE process and improve quality control for repaired boards. Although ENA has internal expertise in electronics design, its current business volume did not allow the company to develop the tool in-house. 

To design the new electronic brush, the research team upgraded the original ENA’s PCB design, selected the brush material selection and designed a  full 3D printed case. The research team produced several few iterations of the prototype to secure the design and operational ease of the short-circuit brush finder. As a result of EPIC’s expertise and advanced equipment, the device is now used by ENA in their daily activities.

Check out the full article; story and photos at Mohawk College IdeaWorks!

We are trilled to have collaborated with Mohawk on this project are are so happy with the outcome! Looking forward to many more opportunities to bring together Industry and Academia.

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