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How To Clone (Snarf) A Secured IC

Sometimes we get programmed ICs which cannot be duplicated by conventional means as the ICs have been secured at programming time which stops unauthorized copying. Unfortunately when a manufacturer goes out of business this proprietary code is lost + if the code was secured on the programmed IC then the only solution is to reverse engineer the functionality of the IC.

We have experience in external interface analysis (the black box approach) reverse engineering which is where an IC is probed on its inputs + outputs, inputting a signal onto one pin + detecting any changes on the output for this we use our custom black box tester which we developed just for this purpose.

If you really need we can even do silicon die analysis + work out how the chip is working through a microscope, this is a very time consuming process but can yield some interesting results.

In other situations when we are unable to probe inputs + outputs we have the necessary skills to either simulate the whole system + produce a working replacement (such as developing custom firmware). This process is generally involves re-developing the circuit or at least part of it.

Luckily at ENA Electronics we have the skill to recover your firmware! Get in touch with us for a free no obligation quote.

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