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Moving Notice

ENA Electronics is pleased to announce that our head office has officially relocated to: 1527 Upper Ottawa Street Unit 8, Hamilton This conveniently places us directly across from our Electronics Laboratory. Now almost double the size of our previous office, this move embodies the growth ENA has experienced over the

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Improving or Modifying Firmware

Improving or modifying the existing firmware to add extra features is difficult without providing the source code (the original program in its original language), this is because, when a compiler compiles code for a programmed IC the compiled output is translated into machine code which is then downloaded into the

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Servo Motor Repairs – Repair or Replace?

Here at ENA we can repair various servo motor brands. Typically, and almost always a repair is less expensive than a replacement. Our Technicians undergo strict testing procedures that vary based upon the brand, model, features and firmware. First, we assess and inspect for aesthetic damage. Photos are taken, and

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Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Repair

Recently we were working on a variable frequency drive and this repair was a hot rush – meaning that an entire line in a factory was down, the need to repair the drive quickly and efficiently was of utmost importance. Once the drive was received into our repair laboratory we

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How To Clone (Snarf) A Secured IC

Sometimes we get programmed ICs which cannot be duplicated by conventional means as the ICs have been secured at programming time which stops unauthorized copying. Unfortunately when a manufacturer goes out of business this proprietary code is lost + if the code was secured on the programmed IC then the

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How to Clone or Snarf A Programmed IC

As mentioned in our previous blog post on Cloning Copying + Duplicating IC’s blog post some IC’s are easier to clone/copy than others. After a study of the market + ensuring that the IC/PCB is indeed obsolete we will first take your PCB + check that we can clone/copy any

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