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Reverse Engineering 101 – PCB Clone and PCB Copy

What is Electronic Reverse Engineering? 

It is the process of disassembling + analyzing a physical product for the purpose of generating documentation and/or re-manufacture as well as determining how it was designed and how it operates. Often the documentation even allows a customer to improve their product to surpass competitors. 

What Reverse Engineering Services Can We Offer You? 

ENA Electronics is the number one for electronic reverse engineering in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. We have over 30 years of engineering experience so our team is up to any job. We specialize in Reverse Engineering of Electronic Hardware. Located in Hamilton, Ontario we are Canada’s Reverse Engineering experts. Explore our website to find out all about our reverse engineering capabilities; We can help you by reverse engineering and remanufacturing obsolete and unsupported electronic circuit boards and card assemblies. 

Electronic hardware reverse engineering is the process of determining how an item was designed and how it operates in order to reproduce it from the printed circuit board to the schematic. 

We can not only repair your PCB but we can also copy or clone your printed circuit board (assuming it is no longer supported by the OEM) and even upgrade your hardware — while making sure that the replacement unit is a replica in form, fit and function. Before we start our work we make sure to investigate + evaluate the product to ensure that no intellectual property rights are breached. 

ENA Electronics is committed to providing the best customer support in the PCB Clone and PCB Copy industry, we want you to think ENA Electronics when you think about reverse engineering a PCB . To get started fill our our Reverse Engineering Form at

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