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Servo Motor Repairs – Repair or Replace?

Here at ENA we can repair various servo motor brands. Typically, and almost always a repair is less expensive than a replacement. Our Technicians undergo strict testing procedures that vary based upon the brand, model, features and firmware.

First, we assess and inspect for aesthetic damage. Photos are taken, and appropriate software is used to communicate with the hardware checking that the encoder/resolver is working properly.

After this the nameplate data and maintenance info is compiled by our techs for later reference if necessary. Next, the servo motor is meter tested for insulation and resistance, this allows us to prevent further damage to the parts, insulation and winding. The Servo Motor is then connected to our state of the art Mitchell System in order to check its electromagnetic frequency, encoder or resolver feedback and commutation alignment. We want to ensure everything is functioning correctly! We then perform a 100% component test including looking at to ensure there are no connection issues, magnet failures, or winding failures. Print outs of the test data can be given on request.

Once our technicians finish the repair, they reassemble the servo motor for cleaning and painting. Finally protection is added to the motor, this means that when you receive your motor you can be assured it has the ENA Electronics seal of approval.

Why not have a look at some of our previous servo motor work? As the GTA (Greater Toronto Areas) premium motor repair shop we are proud to offer free pickup and delivery with one of our authorized account managers, we’ve got you covered from Hamilton to Burlington, Oakville, Toronto and beyond.

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