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Reverse Engineering

We support the unsupported.

ENA Electronics extends the life of your critical manufacturing equipment. Our engineering services protect your expensive equipment and declining or obsolete OEM support. Our team of experienced and innovative engineers can extend the life and value of your legacy systems. ENA can develop product enhancements, with value added features; while adding new capabilities to your existing systems.

engineering circuit board old, framework, and new pcb board

What is Reverse Engineering?

Supporting the Unsupported

It is the process of disassembling and analyzing a physical product for the purpose of generating documentation and determining how it was designed and how it operates. Often the documentation even allows a customer to improve their product to surpass competitors.

Reverse Engineering of PCB’s

Reverse Engineering of PCB’s ( Printed Circuit Boards) is a process by which we replicate the function and specification of an original printed circuit board.

The Most Common Uses of Reverse Engineering

1. Legacy Parts Replacement

One of the most common reverse engineering applications is legacy parts replacement, which involves examining and reproducing select PCB of larger machines to keep them in operation.

2. PCB Service or Repair

If a legacy part or a component the OEM no longer supports needs repair or service, it’s useful to have an understanding of how the product works.

3. Failure Analysis

Reverse engineering techniques can play a valuable role in failure analysis. If a machine fails, you may need to take it apart or examine design files to determine why. Once you have this information, you know how to fix or improve the product so that it functions properly again.

4. PCB Improvement

Reverse engineering is also used for PCB improvement. You might need to alter a component after conducting a failure analysis, or a particular might just be due for an upgrade. If no replacement or alternative part is available on the market, you could have the part reverse engineered to create a copy of the original design. From there, you could modify the design for improved performance.

5. Diagnostics and Problem-Solving

Reverse engineering can also be used for diagnostics and problem-solving in a sequence of industrial processes. In a factory setting, the flow of operations can sometimes slow due to a faulty or underperforming function. When a manufacturing system consists of numerous machines and components, it can be difficult to pinpoint the source of the problem. Through reverse engineering, you can determine how everything works as one and use that knowledge to identify where things can and do go wrong.

What Can We Offer You?

Reverse Engineering Services

ENA Electronics is number one for electronic reverse engineering in Canada. We are located in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada with  over 30 years of engineering experience.  We specialize in Reverse Engineering of Electronic Hardware. We can help you by reverse engineering and remanufacturing obsolete and unsupported electronic circuit boards and card assemblies.

Electronic hardware reverse engineering is the process of determining how an item was designed + how it operates in order to reproduce it from the printed circuit board to the schematic.

We can not only repair your PCB but we can also copy or clone your printed circuit board (assuming it is no longer supported by the OEM) and even upgrade your hardware — while making sure that the replacement unit is identical in terms of  form, fit, and function.

Integrity and quality of work is paramount to ENA’s company values. Before we begin any project- we investigate and evaluate any project proposals to ensure no intellectual property rights are breached.

Why Choose ENA?

Founded in 2000, our team provides exceptional quality, reliability and products. Our engineering, sales and customer service team is ready to help you. Our engineering team handles every project with passion. We offer a comprehensive list of solutions for your company. Our state-of-the-art laboratory is clean and temperature controlled, and every incoming repair or project is tracked from start to finish- so our customer service team can give you an update at any time. ENA is an ISO 9001:2015 registered company to reassure you we are committed to quality and customer satisfaction.