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Legal Disclaimer

ENA Electronics Laboratories DOES NOT:

ENA Electronics does not support PCB reverse engineering if the OEM exists and currently supports their design.

ENA Electronics Laboratories DOES:

ENA Electronics does support PCB reverse engineering and services if:

  • PCB is obsolete and no longer supported by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM).
  • If the OEM is out of business and supply of the PCB is unavailable in the market. In such instances, the only recourse is to engage these companies to reverse engineer and re-produce the PCB in sufficient quantity to extend the useful life of the system.
  • Customer has already paid for the equipment/system and they cannot get support and spare parts.
  • The company or OEM that designed and produced the PCB lost their design files (whether by accident or through catastrophic causes) and are still under contractual obligation to support their product before its end-of-life period.
  • Modification to the original PCB design is required for extended capabilities or solving common problems that customer has.

We only do reverse engineering of the Print Circuit Boards/Assemblies used for parts of existing equipment and systems. We don’t do RE to make similar/same equipment for sale. This is against our company policy and beliefs.