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Dynamometer Test Stand

Dynamometer Test Stand

To add to our lineup of innovative test stands, we have created a Dynamometer Test Stand.

Our motor dynamometer test stand allows us to fully load test all makes and models of variable frequency drives up to full load.

We are able to simulate three phases whilst ensuring that the unit is fully torqued and IGBTs are fully firing at all times.

We primarily use the dynamometer test stand with our Siemens S120 active line modules

and drives. By using this test stand, we are able to do a full load test at the end of a repair to check the drives are properly working this time and every time in the future.

The dynamometer test stand typically consists of a load cell or torque sensor, which measures the force or torque output of the device being tested. This data is then used to calculate various performance parameters such as power, torque, speed, and efficiency.

The test stand may also include a control system that allows the operator to apply a load or simulate different operating conditions on the device being tested. This can be done by adjusting the resistance or load applied to the device, simulating real-world scenarios and allowing for performance analysis under different conditions.

Dynamometer test stands can be designed for various types of power sources, including internal combustion engines, electric motors, turbines, and more. They can be configured for different testing purposes, such as endurance testing, performance testing, emissions testing, and durability testing.

These test stands are essential tools for manufacturers, researchers, and engineers to assess and optimize the performance, reliability, and efficiency of power sources. They provide valuable data and insights that help in the development and improvement of engines and motors for various applications.

Our commitment to creating test stands and testing products before they leave our laboratory doors, drastically reduces warranty claims, and provides the end user with peace of mind that ENA will deliver a quality and effective repair, every time.

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