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GE 1.6 1.7MW ESS Salem 20Nm Pitch

GE 1.6 1.7MW ESS Salem 20Nm Pitch

GE ESS Test Stand – We call this test rig the alphabet soup as it covers all the GE cards we repair. (WEPA, AEPC, WETA, WETB, WETC, WECA, WEOR, WEMA, AEPS, AEAA, AEAD, AEBI, AEDB, AEBM, USCA to name just a few!)

The pitch system includes an emergency pitch system with battery backup, motor pitching and dynamometer loading. Allowing us to fully repair and test and control the pitch system with a EPALM as the technicians do in the field.

The pitch system connects to the top box which contains the WETA, WETB, WETC and all inputs and outputs are fully simulated with our in house developed automated PLC control system

The DTA (Down Tower Assembly) of the test rig contains all the IGBT power stacks, the converter controller and power supplies. Powered with 690VAC three phase and a 1000VDC DC Link this DTA allows us to repair and test down to cell testing of the IGBTs testing the AEBM, AEBI, WECA, AEPS all at once.

On top of all of this we have built out extensive test reports and procedures for every repair we do. Ensuring the highest quality repair every single time.