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GE 1.5MW SLE Test Stand

GE 1.5MW SLE Test Stand

The GE 1.5 SLE turbine is one of the most common wind turbines in North America. It consists of primarily bachmann controls with a GE down tower and SSB pitch, it is one of the most robust systems out there.

At ENA Electronics we have built a custom SLE test stand to allow us to test all major components and minor components of a GE SLE wind turbine. When a part comes in for repair the unit is placed onto the test rig, verified for its functionality and then pulled off, repaired and then placed back on the test rig to ensure full quality. The test stand is very unique. Many repair companies do not have the capability to fully test many of the cards on this turbine and we are proud to tell our customers that we can test to the highest standard ensuring quality repair and making sure that when you climb that turbine that your product will work.

There are many components inside the GE SLE wind turbine, namely the MACC card, part of the down tower converter, the AEAA card and the Bachman controller. This can be many M1 controllers, the MPC 240 is just one of those cards. Many Bachman cards such as the FM 211 fiber-optic card, the CM202 communication card, digital input card DI232, the DO232, the digital output card, the AIO288 analog input card, output card, edit, the AIO288 card, analog output card, the PTAI analog input card, as well as many others.

The controllers in the bottom main cabinet and the top box communicate through to the Leonard and Bauer controller and the UniOp which are found in the hub and then a cell. The hub controller or the Leonard and Bauer controller sometimes as it’s referred to then communicates to the SSB pitch thyristor. The SSB pitch thyristor then in turn communicates and controls the pitch motor. Running a pitch motor forwards and backwards proving that communication and power are all working throughout the turbine.

Here at ENA Electronics, we are able to test and repair every single make and model from these turbines.