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Master Chloride Emerson Liebert UPS Test Stand

Master Chloride Emerson Liebert UPS Test Stand

The ENA UPS test stand allows us to test all makes and models of UPSs from various wind turbines.

Some of the most common UPSs tested on the ENA UPS test stand are the Emerson Libre, the
Master Chloride, the Energy Technologies, and the GE VH 2000 systems.

Our test stand, that is custom built by ENA, allows us to fully load test and bypass the

Using heaters as variable loads, we are able to fully load each output and enable the system,
ensuring that we have full load ability.

We are also able to check inter-communication with our computer, making sure that the communication link back to the software is working correctly. This allows us to monitor what the inverter thinks and assess how we expect it to behave in the field.

Some of the key advantages to this UPS test stand that we have implemented include:

Performance Validation: UPS test stands provide a controlled environment to assess the performance of UPS units. This allows our technicians to verify if the UPS system meets the specified performance criteria and ensure it can handle the expected load and power demands.

Reliability Testing: By subjecting UPS units to various simulated operating conditions and load scenarios, our test stand helps identify any potential weaknesses or vulnerabilities in the system. This allows for necessary improvements or modifications to be made before deployment, ensuring reliable operation in real-world applications.

Fault Detection and Troubleshooting: Our UPS test stand enables technicians to intentionally introduce faults or abnormal conditions to evaluate the system’s response and identify potential failure points. This helps in fault detection, troubleshooting, and implementing corrective measures to enhance the UPS system’s reliability and resilience.

Standardized Testing: The UPS test stand follows standardized test procedures and criteria, ensuring consistent and repeatable testing across different units or manufacturers. This allows for reliable comparison and evaluation of UPS systems, making it easier for customers to make informed decisions based on standardized test results.

Efficiency and Optimization: Test stands help assess the energy efficiency of UPS units, providing valuable insights into power consumption and performance characteristics. This allows for optimization and fine-tuning of UPS systems to maximize efficiency and reduce energy costs.

Safety Assurance: Testing UPS units in a controlled environment ensures the safety of personnel and equipment. It allows potential safety issues to be identified and addressed, minimizing the risk of electrical hazards or failures during actual operation.

In summary, UPS test stands provide a controlled and standardized platform for validating the performance, reliability, and safety of UPS systems. They help ensure that UPS units meet the required specifications, perform optimally, and can handle the expected load demands in real-world scenarios.

When the product leaves our laboratory the customer can rest assured that it will work.

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