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Siemens S120 Test Stand

Siemens S120 Test Stand

Here we have the Siemens S120 Test Rig which is part of the active yaw system from the Siemens 2.3 MW wind turbine.

Although there are many versions of the Siemens 2.3MW wind turbine there are two versions of yaw control. In one version the yaw motors are enabled and then using a mechanical brake they are physically stopped. In the second version the S120 system allows the yaw system to actively feather into the wind rather than putting extra mechanical load on the yaw motors and gears.

Our custom Siemens S120 test stand allows us to test the S120 Active Line and Motor modules at full load, therefore verifying their use under working conditions.

This commitment to testing, testing procedures and quality ensures reliability for the end user.  ENA then offers extensive test reports and documentation available for all of our customers for each and every repair.

Our focus is and remains to be: innovation, R&D, quality, reliability and unmatched customer service.