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Siemens 2.3MW WTC3 Test Stand V1.0

Siemens 2.3MW WTC3 Test Stand V1.0

The ENA Electronics WTC3 test stand allows us to test all models of parts and boards found on the Siemens 2.3MW wind turbine. The KK Electronics control boards are one of the main features on the test stand.

On the test rig we can repair, simulate and test the following parts: 

Main computer, I/O module, Grid module, Hub module, Hand Terminal, G Sensor, FT Sensor and Stic boxes. 

We test all of the inputs and outputs on each card using our physical input switches, simulating inputs from the field and ensuring a reliable repair.

For the main computer, communication to the FT sensor and the delta CDC are tested. We test the local/remote input, the relay outputs and communication to the hand terminal, as well as the communication to the FT wind sensor. 

For the IO Module all inputs and outputs are simulated, temperature sensor inputs are tested as well as the encoder inputs and communication.

For the Grid module, the input three phase 690 volt three phase is applied to the input of the card and the current transformers are simulated. All of the outputs are tested on the grid module as well as testing communication as well as digital inputs and thermistor inputs onto the grid.

On the Hub module, all of the inputs are tested, such as the MTS sensors and the encoders, as well as the 4 to 20 milliamp inputs. The pitch cylinders are tested on the PWM output. 

For the hand terminal, all keys are tested, all buttons are pressed, and the LCD is tested, communication back to the main computer. 

For the G sensor, accelerometers are tested inside of it and communication is tested.

Finally FT sensors are tested once repaired on our test stand ensuring communication back to the main computer.

We are able to fully repair and test every single make, model, and card from all of the 2.3MW wind turbine. This is why ENA Electronics has the most comprehensive test procedures in the business.