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Vestas V80 Test Stand

Vestas V80 Test stand

The Vestas V80 test stand is designed to evaluate the performance and efficiency of the V80 wind turbine sub components. The test stand provides a controlled environment allowing our technicians to thoroughly test and analyze the turbine’s capabilities.

The V80 wind turbine is a popular choice in the renewable energy industry due to its advanced technology and impressive power generation capacity. With its robust design and innovative features, it has the potential to significantly contribute to the production of clean and sustainable energy. There are over 300 Vestas V80 turbines in Canada alone. This equates to a large percentage of turbines across the country. 

The test stand plays a vital role in ensuring the reliability and functionality of the V80 wind turbine. It enables technicians and engineers at ENA Electronics to simulate different wind conditions, assess the performance under varying loads, and measure crucial parameters such as power output, rotor speed, and wind direction.

By subjecting the V80 wind turbine to rigorous testing on the test stand, engineers can gather valuable data and insights that help in refining the turbine’s design and optimizing its performance. This iterative process of testing and improvement ensures that the V80 wind turbine meets the highest standards of efficiency, safety, and durability.

Our V80 test platform allows us to test all inputs and outputs of the V80 turbine. Using our own custom control system, we’re able to inject signals into the COTAS PLC system of the V80 and simulate inputs and outputs as well as turbine control that allows us to check the VRCC system and communication through the hand terminal. 

Using the test functionality of the turbine controller, we’re able to test the three-phase voltage input and the three-phase voltage output. We’re also able to test all of the analog inputs, digital inputs and digital outputs. Furthermore we can communicate into the bottom controller and establish communication to ensure all parts are firing and working.

After being repaired, it is fully tested on the V80 test platform before the component leaves our facility, therefore ensuring a quality repair this time and every time in the future.